ECOPEAT® - Small Plank™

An organic potting medium made from natural coconut husk fibers, this all natural material is not only ideal for hydroponics and mixed media cultivation, but is an excellent soil conditioner as well. This product was specially developed for container growing where 8 Planks of 36 CM X 17.5 CM X 8.5 CM are bundled, bagged and wrapped with a natural coir rope for ease of carrying.

Each Ecopeat small plank weighing approximately 1.9 - 2.0 Kilos when added to 10 litres of water, expands to over 30 Litres of premium grade potting medium.

Ecopeat loosens clay soils and is highly porous which aids strong root development. It has a soft fibrous texture that does not crust when dry.

The pH of Ecopeat ranges between 5.9 and 6.3, which maes it an ideal soil amendment. Ecopeat products are free from weed seeds or diseases, and can be used as a peat moss replacement in potting mixes or alone as a potting medium.

Ecopeat small planks are made from a blend of old Cocopeat, treated Cocopeat and washed Cocopeat sifted <2 mm mesh and <16 mm mesh. The batch mix is double blended for homogeneous output, colour and analytical properties. The structure is moderately robust as opposed to the coffee ground consistency of competitive products, which results in a much higher air to water ratio, extremely important for healthy root development. This promotes stronger root systems with better nutrient absorption resulting in excellent growth and plant formation.

Ecopeat small planks are entirely organic and manufactured from a renewable resource; the coconut husk. The material is pre-washed and pH balanced so you can begin planting immediately. The fibrous material settles fast soon after irrigation and has medium drainage characteristics. The medium always stays extremely airy. It's structure holds up throughout cultivation, with minimal settling.

To use, simply fill a bucket with 10 to 12 litres of water, and place one slab in the bucket for ½ hour. The slab will rapidly disintegrate into pile of be ready to use medium. It can be used as a single growing medium orin a blend with soil, perlite, grow rocks or potting soil to make the final growing mix to suit your crop.

Each package contains 8 Slabs, which equals about 250 litres of hydrated medium. It is recommended that you Blend your soluble fertilizer into the hydration solution and start growing.

  • ◉  Pack Out Per 40' HCB: 8 Planks Per Bundle. 63 Bundles per Pallet (40' HCB) 20 Pallets + a few bundles stacked on the floor in front of container Total Palletized Pack out (40' HCB) - 10, 480 Units Floor Loaded - 1530 Bundles - 12, 240 Units.