WELCOME TO Wespac (Pvt) Ltd

ECOPEATĀ® is the brand name of WESPAC (PVT) LTD is substitute of Skycool marketing Group. who are a professional outfit backed by a wealth of over 25 years of "hands on" experience in horticulture using a variety of coconut husk based substrates. We are pioneers in this industry and market leaders. ECOPEATĀ® products are often referred to as the benchmark for other producers. Our innovative thinking helps us overcome new challenges in an ever increasing world of demands for new products, growing solutions and reliability of supply.


Cocopeat is the ultimate organic fertilizer, multi-purpose soil conditioner and growing medium. Studies have shown Cocopeat to be a more effective, more economical and longer lasting product than other alternatives. The organic quality of Cocopeat makes it a highly sought after fertilizer, blending easily even with inorganic fertilizers. Coir products are used in agriculture, horticulture and hydroponic industries.

Cocopeat is also a more environmentally responsible alternative to peat moss as it comes from a sustainable source.